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Why a quick jab will make you come back for more

July 17, 2006

This is an analogy…of course. Or so I like to tell you 😉 I’m talking about flash fiction. This isn’t some groundbreaking medium. People don’t aspire to be the greatest flash fiction writer in the world. But that said, it still has its benefits. I love to write without a weight on my shoulders. Sometimes, I just want to spill something out without having to perfect the mechanics to make it acceptable to the market. It may well go in that direction later on, but for the moment, when I write these short pieces I don’t have this Nazi style inner critic screaming in my ear.

The beauty of flash fiction is that it doesn’t have to be complete. It can be just a cut out of a bigger picture. If it sees the light of day, as is, it can leave the reader to search their own mind as to what the whole story is. These pieces can contain a mood to be felt or question to be answered. It’s a breeding ground for ideas and that’s what I use them for – no chains attached.

And from a reader’s perspective, flash fiction can give you a taste of what a writer has to give you without the writer bearing so much of his soul to a free work. This is the goal of ‘Tastes of the darkness.’ Using the effectiveness of blogging and its networking as a launching pad, this blog carnival aims to promote what horror writers in the Blogosphere have to offer. Who knows, a quick jab from an unknown horror writer could leave you coming back for a whole bout.

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  1. July 17, 2006 9:12 am

    I agree. Somewhere in between a short story and a poem, there, too, we can find gold.

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