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The Creative Well

September 4, 2008

Andrea wasn’t able to post today, so Annie has stepped in to help us out. Thanks Annie!


Creativity is the natural order of life as it is pure energy, ebbing and flowing through and around us. Some artists are internally motivated, where inspiration, ideas and formats come to them either in voices, visions, or feelings. Other artists are externally motivated, gaining inspiration from a muse – either physical or spiritual form, or from observation or experience in the world around them. Some are a mixture of the two, able to flick in and out of each mode, drawing on what they need in order to create what is required. The term artists encompasses anyone who draws upon a creative energy to express themselves.

An Artists Creative Well donates that deep reservoir of enthusiasm, passion, drive and vision in which ideas can be drawn and carried along; seemingly by itself. Too easily can this reservoir be lain waste and run dry, if not treated properly. Like a spring fed well, it will stay at a happy equilibrium, if what is taken out equals what is being fed into it. Drain it with deadlines and demands and sucking it dry with stress, busyness and all the other STUFF that fills your life and you will hit rock bottom in your creativity ina very short time. Once dry, it is difficult to replenish quickly enough to meet the demands and as an artist you may find yourself blocked, or overwhelmed or have lost your passion for your art.

Like any skill, creativity requires practice and discipline. For many creative souls, this daily routine has been transcended and they no longer need to think about a format or steps towards creativity; they simply – are. Julia Camerons book – “The Artists Way“, outlines a twelve week program in discovering and recovering your creativity and is suitable for beginners searching for a creative self to jaded professionals who are looking for their spark. One of the tools she strongly suggests is morning pages – a free flowing script of what is going on in your head and heart as soon as you wake. Its not to be edited or read afterwards and acts as a conduit for further creativity to begin flowing. It creates a sacred space in your head to allow you ‘get in the zone’ of being creative. Once you have downloaded all your ‘guff’ in the mornings, you would be surprised how clear the thinking and how quickly ideas and storylines come to mind and how clear your day is.

You can assist in refilling and replenishing the creative well every day by taking the time to breathe, relax and watch a sunset or take in the beauty of a single flower or wonder at the smile of a stranger in the street. Explore a different medium or format of creativity and by this I mean – express it in a way you’ve not done before – bake or ice a beautiful cake, go to a pottery class, sketch – or explore a different writing style to your usual one and one that will really stretch you – poetry, write a review, science fiction, romance, a gossip column…..the genres are endless.. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be constantly flexed and challenged; otherwise it shrivels and becomes flaccid.

Creativity is deeply linked to passion and having a sense of purpose in your life. Be at peace with what you will do with your creative flow and if that hasn’t revealed itself yet; trust that it will at a time that is best for you. As you open yourself to the creative channels, many changes can be expected; some of these gentle, others powerful. Expect synchronicity, expect resistance and expect wonderful opportunities to express your creativity.


Practice some new styles of writing using these  weekly writing prompts – Review a topic ( each week something different from chocolate bars to cafes to cars to fashion) with a specific media outlet in mind.  – a writing prompt accessing your relationship with a piece of music.  Write a piece of fiction inspired by or based on your reactions to the piece.


If you would like to be a guest writer on Write Anything:

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We will use your draft when the occasion arises. Any questions, please contact Karen. Thanks!

  1. September 4, 2008 8:17 am

    Great post! Now I have several more blogs to add to my writing prompts list! Thanks!

  2. September 5, 2008 2:54 am

    Lovely post, thanks for that – it matches up with something we were discussing on the Creative Thinking blog; Christian was talking about meditation in blogging (the post is here), definitly worth considering those issues there and this in the same breath

  3. September 5, 2008 11:33 am

    Excellent post. Very inspiring. Thanks!

  4. September 15, 2008 12:41 am

    Thanks Annie! Good post!

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