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Website Aids

September 25, 2008

September edition of Website Aids:

1. Wordle – works like a tag cloud. You provide the text and Wordle creates a “word cloud”. Good way to determine which words you are overusing.

2. Read The Words – a tool that turns text into mp3s.  Especially good for those with learning disabilities.

3. Found Magazine – a magazine containing a collection of found stuff. Could be used for inspiration purposes.

4. GothNoWriMo – a goth version of NaNoWriMo. Starts in October.

5. The Gender Genie – a fun tool to determine whether you write masculine or feminine.

6. The Great American Book Giveaway – a weekly drawing for free books.

7. Random Book Title Generator – a prompt tool.

8. Blockbuster Plots – a resource about helping you to be a better plotter.

9. Glypho – a fun way of pushing through writers block.

10. Remind Me Please – a free reminder software to help keep track of deadlines and important dates.

One Comment
  1. September 25, 2008 10:14 am

    The title generator is a hoot 🙂

    I “tested” my most recent blog entry in the Gender Genie – hmmmm, turns out I write like a male! For that entry, anyway! How ’bout that?

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