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America’s Troubles!

September 27, 2008

I know that Say It On Saturday is no place to talk about government, politics, finances, ethics, business, religion and all of the other different topics that have lead up to “America’s Troubles!” This is a writing site and should be devoted to only talking about the subject of writing. The Constitution of the United States of America is a written document that has severed our country well over the last two centuries and if we would abide by it could serve us well over this next century.

The laws that govern this great nation of America are all written down in the books for lawyers to reference to in making their cases to the courts. The problem as I see it is there are no laws governing capitalism, greed, fraud, swindling, deceit and many other forms of milking the American people of their hard earned money. Now you may say I am wrong in this assumption, but I feel it’s why we are facing these difficult choices our politicians in Washington are fighting over right at this very moment.

I don’t know very much about politics, finances or our government, but lately I have been writing quite a bit about these subjects and I would like to share my thoughts with all of you on the subject of News and Politics. I have a Creative Carnival of posts on select topics that I thought you might like, but I by no means think that I have a solution to America’s Troubles.

I will leave you with this thought; it is a comment that I made in this post The Change of Season!

“As far as my government being a democracy and more democratic than yours (China) I think Abraham Lincoln said it best with, ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ And that is, I think, the problem here in America with its fanatical problems is that no one wants to be held accountable for their actions in our government, although their votes on the issues are recorded.”

Have a Great Day and Enjoy Life!

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