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Library Memory

September 27, 2008

As a child I remember going to the local library with my mother. It was a big, old school building besides the main road, so I was never allowed to go alone. I remember always being in awe of this building, especially the long staircase I had to climb to get in. Also the people who worked there, were magicians. Whenever I took a book, I had to give them my ticket – no problem; but whenever I brought a book back I always received the exact same ticket that I had given in the first place. It took me months before I dared ask, how they did it. The lady gave me a wink and said: “I’m a magician. Please don’t tell the others.” If she’s still alive and reading this somewhere, I hope she doesn’t mind my letting out her secret.

At the age of nine we moved. I started going to the library alone. Had the building changed? Had I changed? Or both? Anyway, I no longer held books, libraries etc. in awe. They became my friends; friends I visited time and time again. It gave me so much joy being in their company.

Later still, I became a librarian (i.e. library helper) at school and even worked off part of my tuition fees at university by working in the library. So not only did I graduate with a degree in modern languages but also received an apprenticeship as a magician. Now that really was special.

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