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Saturday Addendum: NaNoWriMo Workshops

October 11, 2008

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone,

I’m compiling some information for a week-long NaNoWriMo workshop. The workshop will run from October 18th through October 24th (no [Fiction] Friday that week – we’ll take a break from that. However, Say it on Saturday will take place, as usual, on October 25th).

I’d like to talk about various writing processes as well as invite you to participate in writing exercises (we’ll stretch those creative writing muscles before NaNo officially starts).

Here is my tentative itinerary, so far:

Saturday, Oct. 18th – Where to find ideas – writing a synopsis

Sunday, Oct. 19th – Setting

Monday, Oct. 20th – Character

Tuesday, Oct. 21st – Point of View

Wednesday, Oct 22nd – Plot

Thursday, Oct. 23rd – Beginnings and Endings

Friday, Oct. 24th – Pep talk, invitation to share Pre-NaNo thoughts.

If you have any ideas for these “sessions”, PLEASE feel free to share them either in the comment section or you can email me (Karen). OR, if you would like to write your own blog post to coincide with the topics being discussed, complete with your own tips, ideas or sharing what works for you, feel free to email me your (direct) blog links and I’ll certainly pass your wisdom on to the Write Anything readers.

I will be referencing helpful materials throughout the week, but I’m certainly NOT an expert. If you have any advice or suggestions, they would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Oh, one more thing: if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, don’t forget we have our very own forum thread on the NaNoWriMo website. Sign in and let us know how you’re coming along!


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