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Website Aids – NaNo Edition

November 13, 2008

One thing I love about NaNoWriMo is learning of resource sites/tools and/or freeware I’ve never heard of but yet are quite useful. I realize not every writer is participating in NaNo. Below is a few sites and software suggested by NaNo participants.

1. MobaMingle – ever thought about writing your novel on a cell phone. This program is a mobile-only social network with a novel writing platform called MobaStory. You can break it in to chapters, write full pages, pick a cover design and so on. It’s totally free!

2. Write or Die – if you’re having problems with distractions and need that extra boost, this web application may be for you. It encourages you to write by punishing you when you tried to avoid it. Set it to Kamikaze mode and your work will erase itself if you stop writing. Good for keeping deadlines and working in time limits.

3. Temptation Blocker – this is software that allows you to lock yourself out of specific applications for a certain amount of time.

4. Plot Twist Generator – Hit a road block and need a plot twist. Try this generator out.

5. Synonyms for Common Words – a list of good synonyms for commonly used words.

6. – if your character needs an apartment, this site can help you find one. It has floor plans and pictures for all your description needs.

7. Map Generator – this freeware is great for mapping out cities or towns for your stories. It’s main use is for RPGs but can be used for novels as well.

8. Family Echo – a free online family tree maker. You can write in the basic information as well as interests and romantic partners.

9. Paperback Writer Freeware & Online Tools – a list of different freeware and resource tools for writers.

10. NaNoFiMo Resource sites – a list of resources to help with your writing needs.

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