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It was Karen’s Idea

November 18, 2008

Back in May Karen deleted her blog and started fresh. She wrote several posts describing how liberating it felt.

That got me thinking about my own blog.

Although I’ve kept up with my weekly posts here at Write Anything, I’ve slacked on my own writing—both my stories and my blog. And with both, once you get out of the habit it’s very difficult to get back into it. Not just because you’re out of practice…the guilt doesn’t help either.

Each time I’d come up with an idea for a post I’d think just how long it had been since my previous post. And I’d tell myself it was pointless, because no one was reading anyway. There was a time that I knew that no one read my blog, and I didn’t care. And I miss that freedom. I miss writing just for writing.

In the last two months I’ve made some changes in the way I write off-blog. I’ve turned away from the computer and back to the Luddite’s pen and paper, and it’s put some creative energy back into my writing.

So I decided to take Karen’s lead. Although I haven’t actually deleted my blog, I’ve shut it down. And I designed a new template from the ground up and set myself up with a brand-spanking new blog.

I justified the time and expense by making myself a promise. A promise to blog at least five times each week.

There’s not a lot of material there yet, but you can visit my new pad at, and see where I’ll be spending more time…hopefully with my muse.


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