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Chapter Seven – Fall 2008 Introduction

November 21, 2008

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It’s time to publish the Fall 2008 Chapter Seven Edition. For those just joining us, Chapter Seven is a collaborative project where seven writers all submit one chapter to an ongoing story. If you would like to learn more about the project, you can read this page.

The writers who generously donated their time and talents for this project are (in the order they wrote their chapters):

Rob, Thirteenth Dimension – Chapter One
Jodi Cleghorn – Chapter Two
Catherine, The Fountain Pen – Chapter Three
Dale, aka DCRoe – Chapter Four
Elly, Life Probabilities – Chapter Five
Karen, Write From Karen – Chapter Six
Ginny, Told on a Friday – Chapter Seven

You can read the authors’ biographies (if applicable) by clicking on the “More” link below.

Thank you for reading along! Don’t forget to put us in your RSS readers to make it easier for you to keep track of the chapters! Constructive feedback is welcomed. Have fun!

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a huge THANK YOU to Rob and Dale. Rob took time out of his busy schedule to edit the chapters for me – thank you for your time, Rob! And thank you to Dale for designing the cover art for the ebook (coming soon) and for making sure I was staying on track with the project – thank you, Dale!

Author Bios

Rob – Rob was invented in the early seventies and spent a good portion of his early life figuring out how to string more than two words together to form a sentence. Having accomplished this somewhat successfully by the time he was in sixth grade, Rob started to string these multi-word sentences together to form paragraphs and then entire stories, stage plays, poems and songs, tending towards the science fiction, fantasy, comedy and mainstream fiction genres. His writing habit took a complete hold on him and he wrote nearly every day from that point until he graduated from college and got a real job. For the next fifteen years, Rob found himself completely consumed by writer’s block and “I can write that tomorrow”-style excuses, and the notebooks and pens were left to gather dust in the back of an old sock drawer while he allowed his real job to own his life. Rob’s real job is as a software developer for a large software company, although Rob truly despises computers. Despite his irrational hatred of technology, Rob continues to write business financial software, though he has found that there is little room for storytelling within the business financial software industry. Two years ago, in 2006, Rob stumbled upon his notebooks and started writing again, this time including novels in the mix of writing types. He has written two novels so far and is working on his third. Rob has recently completed writing a play which is being performed by a local community theatre in November, 2008.

When he is not writing software or creative pieces, Rob eats vegetarian food, works in his large vegetable garden, drinks coffee, admires the number 13, listens to music on his Zune and plays the trumpet. He enjoys hanging out with his wife, his two children and his dog and thinks that they are four of the most awesome creatures on the planet.


Dale – I live in North Carolina, with my fiancée and my four step kids. I’ve been writing, mostly for myself, for the better part of my adult life, and I’ve had two stories published online. Although I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now, I’ve really slacked off in the last year or two, as I’ve been in a crippling stretch of Writer’s Block. But now I’m working to struggle out from under its shadow. So I’m writing more now—at least a little bit every day and I’ve shut down my old blog and launched a new one —unencumbered by the struggle of the last two years. I’m hoping that by writing a little bit every day, I’ll be able to re-spark my creative fire.


Ginny – Virginia Diaz is a writer, a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a Catholic, a New Jerseyan, a singer, a dancer, a composer, a poet, a dreamer, an optimist, a thousand other indefinable things yet to come. She writes poetry, lyrics, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, notes to her kid’s school teacher, short stories, serials, novels, a blog, and whatever catches her fancy.

Much of what she writes can be found at


Cara (Catherine) – This is my first collaborative writing project. I write fiction and essays; I blog at for creative writing and spiritual inquiry and for photography. I spent 13 years as an English teacher and have an MLA, but currently work as an administrator. I’m doing Nanowrimo for the second time and am currently behind in my word count.


Karen – I live smack dab in the Ozarks (which translates into Misery, er, Missouri, for those wondering where the hillbillies live. *grin*) I’ve been married for 18 wonderful years to a patient, caring, smart and entertaining man who takes great delight in spoiling me.

You can see why I keep him. *grin*

I have two teenage sons – a 16 yr old and a 13 yr old. I graduated from college in 2003 with a B.S. in Professional Writing and quickly started designing school websites for a living. (I’m still trying to figure that out). I’ve never been published and I wish I could say it wasn’t due to lack of trying – I haven’t been trying. Though my goal is to be published at some point in my life; I have no idea what I’m waiting for.

I have been blogging for nearly four years now. It’s safe to say I’m quite addicted to blogging and over the years have fine-tuned my reasoning for spending an insane amount of time blogging – because it is my goal to leave a bit of myself behind for my children and grandchildren to shake their heads over. *grin*

I started Write Anything in March of 2006 because I have a passion for writing (just not publishing, hush) and it has always been my wish to create a friendly, safe haven for writers from all genres to hang out and exchange rejection notices. *grin*

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve grown as a writer hanging out with all of the wonderful people who visit, and write for, Write Anything. Thank you for reading and visiting.

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