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Nothing to Say

November 29, 2008

Jeff at My Unique Life in Windows Live Space, once again posted an interesting debate about words. I like words and putting them together but the final meaning, I think, always lays in the reader. Since we don’t all interpret things the same way, I assumed no matter what I write, someone, somewhere will always have a different take than what I intended it to be.

I mean, any form of writing can be meaningful and provocative but it does not really affect people the same way. When reading poetry and fiction blogs, I often misinterpret the writings. That’s often the reason I don’t make long comments. I rarely read other people’s comment before posting my own. I think reading other people’s opinin can change my opinion more than reading the actual work.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with that but how does one state their own opinion when others have already done the same thing? Do I just add to their words or do I come up with my own thoughts? Ultimately I’ll probably still end up with the same interpretation.

Words can be misleading and have more than one meaning when put together.  For me, it is easier to just stick with my first opinion rather than go through other people’s interpretation.

I think I am veering off the subject of Jeff’s post but I guess that’s how powerful words can be. They can take you in different directions other than the one intended.

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  1. November 30, 2008 3:57 pm

    Thank you Lissa for writing Nothing to Say.

    Enjoy Life!

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