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Creative Carnival – December 2008

December 13, 2008


Welcome to the December 2008 Creative Carnival edition!

What is this? It’s a chance to compile some great articles around the blog-o-sphere showcasing all sorts of writing. If you need to know more, or would like to submit an article for the next Creative Carnival, read this.

So, without further ado, grab a cup o’ joe, kick off your shoes and sit a spell, there’s lots of interesting reading just a click away.



DebbieDragon presents Connecting the Dots posted at Empowering Mom.

Mert Erkal presents Imagine Yourself Blogging While Cruising To Mars | Make Money With Blogs! – Search For Blogging posted at, saying, “According to NASA scientists, we will be capable of sending astronauts to MARS by 2015. Imagine how exiting would it be to update people on earth with your blog posts as an astronaut cruising to MARS.”

Toni presents Solace among books posted at Wifely Steps.

Christine Patacsil presents I Heart Headphones | Killer Headphones. Awesome Beats. Is There Anything Else Needed to get you Back on Track? posted at I Heart Headphones.

HighGrace presents Sound Controls posted at Face to the Sun.

Condo Blues presents 10 Green Gifts That Suck posted at Condo Blues, saying, “A humourous essay about holiday gifts.”

Nicholas Powiull presents The Justice System is NOT What it Seems to Be (My Personal Experience): by Nicholas Powiull posted at Conscious Flex.

sarah presents Can NaNoWriMo steer us from Facebook, towards the next great American novel? — Guest post by Shirley posted at SARAHSPY.

VW presents The horror…The horror… posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland, saying, “Thank you!”

Tiffany presents Retail Hell: 60 Days’ Notice posted at tragedienne, saying, “On May 17, 2005, Home Depot decided to close many of its Expo Design Centers, including the one where I worked as a fabric specialist in the décor department and had hoped to become a window treatment designer. We were given 60 days’ notice. These are entries written during those 60 days, the last days of Expo Design Center. Since so many stores are closing during our current recession, I thought many people might be able to relate to this.”

Greg Laden presents Greg Laden’s Blog : The Zodiac posted at Greg Laden’s Blog.

The Dough Roller presents 30 Things I Learned in My First 30 Days of Blogging posted at The Dough Roller, saying, “Here is my funny (I hope) take on my first 30 days of blogging.”

Karen presents The Boy Needs a Hug posted at Write From Karen, saying, “Should teenagers have to ask for their parents’ affections?”

Ely presents Stars posted at Life probabilities, saying, “I had one of those sleepless nights:)”


Dereck presents The Fisherman Fable posted at I Will Not Die.

Pandora presents Some Teachers Pet posted at Pandora Parker, saying, “I’m a short story writer looking for feedback, comments on my work. My site is I have submitted one of my tales of fiction.”

el guapo presents AMAZING WORLD EXCLUSIVE: posted at eljumpingbean, saying, “satire at it’s best…”

JennH presents The Sentence posted at Mixed, saying, “Two women experience a common reaction to a tragedy that impacts both of their lives.”

Terry Dip presents Moon Agent: Part 1 of 99(?) posted at Complete and Creative.


Michael Snyder presents Christmas Was Not Originally A Christian Holiday posted at The Moral Collapse Of America.

Good Thing presents A Million Good Things posted at A Million Good Things.

Stephanie Chandler presents Three Online Marketing Strategies for Authors, Speakers, Experts posted at Business Info Guide.

ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents So what if you?re single again? posted at

Ben Connor Barrie presents Building a Sustainable Economy posted at Grown Ass People, saying, “How can we build a more sustainable and equitable economy from the global financial crisis?”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Mad Gift Giving Guide posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Chris Edgar presents To Be Creative, Let Go Of Your Identity posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, “Many of us are driven by a need to “know who we are”—a desire for a clear understanding of our roles in the world. It gives us a feeling of security to think things about ourselves like “I’m a lawyer,” “I’m a father,” “I’m an opera lover,” and so on. However, we can get so attached to the comfortable feelings these labels offer us that we end up limiting our creativity. When we become willing to dispense with our self-labels and stare into the abyss of uncertainty, we gain access to inspiration we may not normally feel.”

Dennis Scheffler presents Logo Design Ideas for Your Company posted at Logo Design Blog, saying, “A logo for your company will be the corner stone of your marketing efforts, so you need to come up with some logo design ideas that will really pop and get noticed.”

GrrlScientist presents The Owl and the Woodpecker: Encounters With North America’s Most Iconic Birds posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Most Americans have not seen all of the 41 species of owls and woodpeckers that share the North American continent with us, but not only has Paul Bannick seen them all, but he has photographed them all, too. And when I say “photographed”, I am not talking about those blurry snapshots that most of us snap, but instead, his images are big, sharp, clear and .. for want of a better phrase, absolutely stunning.”

Scott Mahler presents How to Take Your Business to the Next Level posted at Datex Media.

JHSEsq presents BlogBlast for Peace 2008: No Peace Without True Equality posted at Colloquium, saying, “There can be no peace in the world until all persons are assured equality under the law, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation. Sadly, the fight against discrimination must continue here in California in the wake of the November 4, 2008, election.”

Machione presents A Long Weekend That Turned Into A Week, Thanks To The McCain/Palin Ticket posted at Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers, saying, “What made it all more interesting for me, as a gambler, was that there was no problem finding supporters of the GOP who wouldn’t contribute to the McCain/Palin ticket, but didn’t hesitate to bet that Obama would lose.”

Karl Baz presents Wharrgarbl posted at An Editor’s Rant.

Dawn Abraham Life Coach presents How do You Achieve Work Life Balance? My Simple Formula! posted at Qualified Life Coach, saying, “Are you having a challenge with work life balance and making that happen for you? Do you feel pulled in too many directions? Can your life sometimes feel like it is spinning out of control? Do you want true balance in your life?”

The Traveler presents Statue of Liberty – history posted at Ellis Island – Statue of Liberty, saying, “Some history about the statue of liberty.”

Skyler Reep presents How to Spin Straw into Gold posted at Skyler Reep’s Blog, saying, “Now an author must earn fans and customers not only by creating great content, but by being likable, earning trust, building community, delivering consistent and relevant content, staying timely, and other strategies. Creativity is not dead, but creative people will soon be unable to earn a living by the old model.”


Jim Murdoch presents Poetry of Jim Murdoch posted at Jasmin’s heart, saying, “A selection of Jim’s poetry preceded by a short essay.”

Sharon Remo presents Take Me Away posted at Deni’s Poems, saying, “These are poems expressing how I may be feeling at any given time regarding love and relationships/”

Robert Logan presents ManifestYour Dream posted at Emphasizing the positive. Minimizing the negative..

This concludes the December 2008 edition of the Creative Carnival. THANK YOU for submitting your links! If you would like to see your work showcased in the January 2009 edition, please submit your links here. (Please, one link per blog. If you submit more than one link per blog, I will only use the first link submitted.)

If you submitted your link and don’t see it here, that probably means I received it after the deadline.

Thanks for visiting the carnival participants and don’t forget to check back January 10th for the next Creative Carnival.


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