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Say it On Saturday – January 2009

January 31, 2009

ADDED: This concludes this month’s Say it on Saturday. Thanks again to Jeff for posting. The rest of you? You’re missing out. This is your chance to talk about what’s on your mind. Perhaps next month? The next Say it On Saturday will be February 28th. I hope to see you then. G’nite.

Okay, are you ready for something different? (Don’t be shy! Jump in any time!)

Yes? Excellent. Let’s get this par-tay started …

If you would like to write something and publish it on Write Anything TODAY, right THIS VERY MINUTE, then here’s what you do:

1. Register for a account.

2. Send the email you used to register at with to Karen at [writestuffwriters AT yahoo DOT com]. (If you already have a account, just send that email to Karen at the above address).

3. Karen will add your email to the list of approved Write Anything users.

4. Sign into your account, locate Write Anything in your dashboard.

5. Write your post – publish your post. That’s it!

Talk about anything on your mind. Need some suggestions? Here’s one:

For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends or family again?

Either respond to this question in your post, or write whatever you wish. Ask questions, voice your thoughts, open a debate – the floor is OPEN.

(The Write Anything admin (Karen) reserves the right to edit or delete inappropriate posts without warning and without explanation. If you abuse this opportunity, then you will not be allowed to participate in future SIOS. You’ll only have the “publish” feature until 9:00 p.m. U.S. central time. After that, you’re more than welcome to save your draft. This is a PG-rated blog. Please do not post anything you wouldn’t want a guest to post on your blog. Play nice, please.)

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  1. February 2, 2009 6:13 pm

    Bummer – I was away over the weekend. I’ll be primed and ready to go next month – promise!

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