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Writing just to Write!

January 31, 2009

Oh, writing…It is something that I have longed to learn: To express myself in words so that you know and understand what I’m trying to say is what I want to accomplish. I don’t even consider myself a writer because the psychological aspects of saying the words “I am a Writer” to my mind are too overwhelming. Instead I’ve devised this trickery of words to fool my “inner self” into believing that is not what I long to be.

This is what I say to myself or anyone in regards to calling myself a writer: “I consider myself a writer only by default: Because I am writing this and you are reading it, then I guess that makes me a writer.” But to actually acknowledge the fact that I am writing is too burdensome to bear. The title that I’ve used here for today’s writing is actually my theme for writing this year in my continuing efforts to write something every day. Not that anyone’s reading what I try and write each day, but that I am writing something to put words on the page, and people are more than welcome to read them if they like!

One of the greatest things, I’ve found, about recording your words on the page is that you can go back and read them. For example: I didn’t even remember writing this Writing just to Write, but evidently the thought has been embedded in my subconscious only to reappear as my writing theme for this year. Also, I must apologize for using my quote about calling myself a writer again today; because I’ve used that quote in my last Say It On Saturday post. Please feel free to join me with the theme of Writing just to Write at the Write Anything site this Saturday!

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