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February 5, 2009

“I have one consolation, although a slender one: my fountain pen has been cremated, just what I want later!” — Anne Frank

I decided to partake in a reading challenge for the year: Read 12 Books in 2009. I read often anyways but this gives an added motivation. The above quote comes from The Diary of a Young Girl by: Anne Frank, the first book on my reading list.

I’m over halfway through the book. She discusses a variety of things some on the heavy side, but that sentence is the one that stands out the most to me. She wrote in this entry about losing her beloved fountain pen. I own a fountain pen. Not an expensive one but one nonetheless.

I stare at this fountain pen and couldn’t imagine comparing losing such a precious writing tool to my own death. Yet she did. It was her reality.

Her diary….her words touched so many hearts. If she had lived, her potential would be limitless. Writers strive for that kind of connection. Do you think your writing effects people in the way you intend it to?


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