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Let me count the ways

February 15, 2009

Well, that’s that over for another year.  Now we can all move on and focus on more important issues than lining the pockets of the greetings card, florist and confectioner industries.

I’m not a fan.  Never have been.  And I don’t just speak with the bitterness of someone who, up until he was 20, only got one Valentine’s Day card (I know, I can’t believe it either – an overly sarcastic smartass with an attitude problem and geeky obsessions – how could anyone pass that up?).

The whole Valentines racket is arbitrary and false.  All the small gestures and big sacrifices of yesterday, last week, of the months to come – none of them mean anything because a folded bit of paper and some plants weren’t handed over?  I love you less because today I didn’t buy you a teddy bear?  No – if you love someone, you don’t need Hallmark to tell you when to tell them.  You want to celebrate your love, do it everyday – or at least on your anniversary (wedding, engagement, the day you met – whenever your annivesary is).

And along with the plush toys, the overpriced chocolates, the flowers (yeesh, do you know the carbon footprint on those things?  Hey buddy, how about you show the planet some love too?), the other ubiquitous annoyance of Valentine’s Day is the poetry.

If I hear one more spin on “roses are red, violets are blue” I’m gonna smash someone’s feet back into the iambic before you can say pentameter.

I’m not a good poet, but it is an art form I am experimenting with, and which I now have a far greater appreciation for than before, and you know what – it’s hard.  It’s really hard, far harder than regular fiction writing.  It’s so easy to write bad poetry, and that’s usually what you get on Valentines cards – bad, lazy poetry about roses and every other cliche.

So just stop it everyone – you want romance, live romantically.  You want to let your someone special know you care, then show them everyday, don’t just wait for the middle of February and expect that to make up for the 364 other days when you left the toilet seat up.

And if you’re going to send a poem, don’t just send the one printed in the card.  Take some time and write one of your own.  Just make sure you take the time to make it good.  Nothing is more romantic than thought and consideration my friend.  Sweeter than all the chocolate in the world, and lasts longer than the ephemeral blooms of the season.

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  1. February 15, 2009 5:15 pm

    Here here! I actually thanked my darling partner for the fact there were no sappy cards, flowers, chocolates etc.

    You know how we spent the evening. We ended up at the pub drinking Hoergarden and talking about quantum physics. Having said that bah humbug day was a good excuse for us to hit up our housemate for some babysitting so we could do just that.

    Thought and consideration – and committment to bringing a smile to the face of your partner everyday! HERE HERE!

    And Paul – I dont think I got a Valentines card until I was 23.

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