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March 12, 2009

I often take a step back and reexamine my writing life. I feel after so many years I should be further along. Other people in my situation would be further along. That’s what so frustrating.

In an effort to rectify this, I became more proactive this year, but still feel like I’m in a rut. You ever feel that way? I hate that I compare my work ethics with other writers. Not that greats like Stephen King or Anne Rice, but writers further down on the success scale a little above my range. Although, in a strange way, it keeps me moving forward. Keeps me working hard in hopes of getting to where they are now.

Some may say you shouldn’t compare yourself to others but I feel it can be inspiring. Anything that will push you to work harder can be seen as a good thing as long as it doesn’t go too far. The most success I have now may be just a blog but I’m determined to change that.


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