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Expect the unexpected

June 28, 2009

Nothing is set in stone. We cannot know the future, and twice this week unexpected events have disrupted planned articles on this site. On Tuesday, Dale’s post failed to appear, and this weekend my own post failed to appear, and is entirely absent from WordPress.

C’est la vie. I noticed this morning that my post hadn’t appeared, but I’ve been gone all weekend and was unable to do anything about it.

And what can you do when circumstances change, when things don’t go as you originally plan? Rail against the gods for cursing you? Or roll with the punches, accept that things change rapidly, and adapt to the changes?

Sometimes, when writing, your story deviates along a tangent you never intended. You may have an entire storyline carefully plotted out, but your characters just aren’t co-operating. If you keep fighting this, you may wind up with writer’s block.

Or, you could work with these changes, adapt to circumstances, and keep going. See where your characters are going, and you will keep writing, and may even wind up with a better story.

Even when circumstances act against you as they have today, you can still learn a lesson about writing.

Sometimes technology works for you, sometimes it works against you. This weekend Paul has kept himself away from the computer, and clearly THAT is what caused all the problems with his article…

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