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Why Date or Marry a Writer?

November 18, 2009

Its week three of NaNo. By now no doubt things are getting a little tetchy around the home and workplace, your eyes are dragging downwards and the feverish twitching of your fingers as they tap away on the computer are giving others in the house a nervous disposition.

Especially given two of this weeks posts, I thought I’d post something a little lighter today and perhaps something aimed at your loved one (or potential one). Enjoy!

What are the top reasons someone might consider dating or marrying a writer?

Writers write.

Goes without saying really. However if you date a writer, they are very likely to write about you in their blog, or you take a place in their latest novel or short story. Be prepared to be showered with compliments and flattering descriptive verse.

All the interesting places you’ll get taken.

When they aren’t writing, writers like to indulge in humanity, infuse their soul into whatever is going on around them; which means they seek out interesting or quirky events, performances, bars and places to go; seeking a storyline, character or setting.

Being acknowledged

All your narcissistic needs will be met with the showering of acknowledgment you will receive when the writer publishes something; from acceptance speeches to dedications in the front of their book or website.

Writers explore themes and areas of their lives in minute detail.

By reading their work, you will be privy to a deeper understanding of them as people, than you ever might hope in a ‘normal’ relationship.

Writers are intelligent.

Generally speaking, writers are a clever bunch, well read and educated and not shy of speaking about their passions and interests. Depth in a relationship is more likely to keep it together than the shallowness of trivial interests. You’ll have a great partner for playing scrabble and be able to debate semantics for hours.

Writers can express themselves in a variety of ways.

Being wordy, a writer can express their feelings toward you in 100s of ways. They are also fairly flexible in the methods they use to communicate, so get used to emails late at night, SMS’s at all times of the day, IM chat, Skype and occasionally a phone call.

Money doesn’t matter.

With only a small percentage of writers who get published and go on to earning a living, dating or marrying a writer will remind you that money isn’t everything. They will remind you of how important it is to follow your dreams and passions.

Some Reasons why marrying or dating a writer is not such a great idea

NaNo WriMo.

I don’t think there needs to be anymore said on this subject.

Personal Details

Dating a writer means that personal details about you are more than likely to be included in blogs and within the manuscripts they are working on. Its possible the writer may write much less flattering things about you if you break up. Sometimes this can go as far as that character based on you being tortured or killed in hideous ways.

Interesting places

might mean completely different things to you and the writer. Another weekend huddled up in an underground earthern mound being smoked out by a manure fire might form an excellent base for the writers next historical novel, but begin to wear thin on you.

An insight into their soul.

This can be disturbing, especially if the writer focuses on horror.

Writers are intelligent,

…..and sometimes can bore others to tears with their passions. They often need reining in at specific social functions, especially when their passions lie in religious or political stances.

100s of ways to tell you like it is.

Being wordy, a writer is also able to give you minute description of your faults and the things you need to improve upon. An SMS at 2 am on how you ca improve your sock draw may not be received in the same manner it was intended when it was sent.

Being a Patron of the Arts.

Realistically, not a great deal of writers make a decent living from their work. If you date or marry a writer, be prepared to become a patron of the arts.

I hope this brought a smile to your face.  Now.. back to your NaNo – unless of course you’d like to add some more reasons in the comment box? I am planning to hand over my Wednesday spot sometime in Dec for my partner to write his views on having a writer in the house…..

Image by mozzercork via Flickr

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Annie Evett thanks her patient Husband; Adrian for being a Patron of the Arts. He tries not to be disturbed by some of the short stories Annie publishes. Buddy up during NaNo here. Follow her here on Twitter and catch her growing amount of websites and blogs here
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  1. November 18, 2009 7:47 am

    Hi Annie

    thanks for this piece….it made me chuckle. My husband is married to a writer (me) – but he didn’t find out how serious it was until it was way too late! However, nearly thirty years later he has got used to being around a drama queen (me) who carries a notebook around at all times and is prepared to use anything as writing fodder….I’m currently ruminating on a series called
    ” Writers’ Obsessions: Part One, The Notebooks….”

    Hope you are surviving NaNo WriMo !

    All best


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