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Gifts to Tickle the Funny Bone

December 10, 2009

I have so been in the novelty mood this Christmas. I decided to buy my step-dad something “unique” this year and found myself amazed by all the special items available in cyber space. If you have a writer in the family or as a friend with a sense of humor, I have a few ideas for you to show them your support.

I haven’t resorted to this as of yet but some writers jot their best ideas on a spare napkin. Keeping track of all those napkins can be a pain. Some genius out there discovered the solution: Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook. Thirty blank napkins bound together waiting for creativity. All for only $5.99.

Writers are often faced with difficult decisions: character names, plots and settings. One could always use a little help with such an occasion. Decision Maker Desk Toy is but one alternative to the Magic Eight Ball and not a cheap one too ($40).  You ask a question and swing the pendulum to get an answer.

For the amateur writer, The Curiosity Shoppe sells Poem Cup and Saucer. I find it interesting that this particular item is advertised for the “starving artist” but yet costs $50. For such a price tag, you get a cup on a saucer with a connected pen and journal. Need an instrument of inspiration/encouragement? The Chalkboard Mug could be just the thing for writers. Write fun messages or daily prompts to accompany your cup of coffee for only $10.

Bookmarks are always a nice stocking stuffer. Design Boom has funky “liquid” bookmarks. For $24, you get a set of three including red, white and black “liquid” marks. If your writer isn’t in to liquids, try fire. The Burning Bookmark is the hottest way to keep track of what page you’re on.

I hope these items have encouraged your funky, humorous side to find the unique gift for the writer in your life.

Andrea can’t wait until Christmas. She bought her step-dad a wireless mouse in the shape of a street car and can’t wait to see if he likes it or not.
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  1. December 11, 2009 9:12 am

    funky ideas never go astray.. loved the selection!

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