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Ho-Hum X-mas

December 24, 2009

I’m sitting here trying to think what Christmas traditions my little semi-dysfunctional family has when I suddenly realize how dull it has become. As far back as I can remember, we’ve always put up this artificial tree that we’ve had forever. Spend a few hours untangling lights, replacing bulbs until they all sparkled. Decorate the tree with ornaments made or bought. Put up a wreath or two. Hang the stockings on any free spot of wall we could find (never had a fireplace).

Then, we would spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents house stuffing our faces. Unless my aunt and uncle or someone brought me a present, I never had any to open. My grandparents was not in the habit of buying presents for anyone but their own children. Didn’t know if that was because they were on a fixed income or just who they were. Not something I really dwelled on. On Christmas day, we would rip open all the presents until the floor took on a holiday hue.

It seems ever since the ice storm a few years back we don’t get too in to the Christmas spirit. The big tree is replaced with a smaller one and pre-decorated because it was less time consuming. Along with a few stickers for the picture window and Christmas cards in the dining room, that is the extent of our decorations. No lights outside or wreaths. None of that. Christmas shopping was basically put off to the last minute. We have a few family members coming over on Friday for dinner. All in all, the general attitude is very ho-hum. It’s kind of frightening how mundane the holiday has become in my family. Here’s hoping we do it up right next year.

Andrea is beginning to wish Christmas was over already. The attitude in her household isn’t what it should be this time of year. Oh well…Happy Holidays!

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