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The Promises to Keep

January 5, 2010

With the new year here, some would suggest it’s a natural time to to take stock of what in your life needs changing. Personally, it seems like an arbitrary time to me. I mean, why not Summer resolutions? Or new school year resolutions?

My post of last week notwithstanding, I generally try to stay out of the resolution fray. The reason is simple. I’m not good at keeping promises to myself.

When I make a promise to someone else I’m pretty good about making sure it gets done. But when I make a promise to myself, I’m terrible at letting myself off the hook. No matter how many promises I make to write everyday, I’ll invariably make allowances when any one of a hundred things pop up—some legitimate (sick kid, help with homework), some pathetic (to clean my desk). I’m not sure where this aversion comes from though I’m certain a therapist would have a field day with it.

At times we all make resolutions to change our lives. It’s no crime that most of those promises fall by the wayside—after all there is no crime in trying and failing. However, if we want to write we not only have to make time for ourselves, but we have to follow through on the promises we make to ourselves.

Making time to write does not have to mean ignoring the people in out lives or letting something else slide. But ignoring the promises you make to yourself is a sure way to make sure that you’ll continue to make annual resolutions to make time for your writing.

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  1. January 5, 2010 8:46 am

    First I have to say “I love that photo!” I agree, so often I find it hard to keep a promise to myself but this year I am really going to try.

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