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Creative Carnival: February 2010

February 13, 2010

Welcome to the February 2010 Creative Carnival edition!

What is this? It’s a chance to compile some great articles around the blog-o-sphere showcasing all sorts of writing. If you need to know more, or would like to submit an article for the next Creative Carnival, read this.

So, without further ado, grab a cup o’ joe, kick off your shoes and sit a spell, there’s lots of interesting reading just a click away.



Anne Valens presents Top 50 Freelance Writing Blogs posted at Journalism Degree.

Lisa Taylor presents 100 Best Free Photography Tools on the Web posted at Photography Colleges.

Sandra Lopez presents The Evolution of the Book (Infographics) posted at Best Colleges Online.

Gracie Turner presents 100 Little Ways You Can Dramatically Improve Your Writing posted at Online

Honeypurple presents 100 Inspirational Books Everyone Should Read posted at Online

Roz Morris aka Dirtywhitecandy presents How to write a good prologue posted at NAIL YOUR NOVEL, saying, “Inspiration and creative provocation for writers”

Jenny Stowe presents Top 40 Scrapbooking Blogs to Remember posted at Masters In Healthcare, saying, “These are great idea sites for scrapbooking and recording your ideas, but could definitely be used for creative ideas for illustrating books and other types of writing.”


Lindsay Oberst presents Poetry: A Genesis in Three Parts posted at Word-Wild Romp, saying, “A series of poems based on one idea. Read them repeatedly. That’s what poetry is about. Let me know what you think.”

Thess Ochoa presents *The Passage of Vindication posted at A Fire Rekindled.

bryantmoore2 presents They Call Me Pro-Black! posted at Ecstasy Redefined….

Bonnie Way presents This is Winter posted at The Koala Bear Writer, saying, “Just discovered your carnival and enjoyed reading through it. Wonderful resource for writers! Would love to participate, so here’s my submission. Thanks! :)”
[Ed. note: No, THANK YOU for participating!]

Andrew Hall presents Cat Haiku posted at Laughing In Purgatory, saying, “It’s funny, it’s insightful, it’s haiku.”


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Vintage Wisdom posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Steven Handel presents Everyone Needs A Creative Endeavor posted at The Emotion Machine.

Sarah Clark presents Stupid Awesome Product: The P-Mate (Handheld Paper Urinal for Women) posted at The Mother Load.

Jennifer Cresap presents Crazy Plane, Part 1 posted at Jennifer Cresap.

Kristin Conroy presents Help, I’ve Fallen Into A Rut And Can’t Get Out! posted at Words Are Food, saying, “This is my experience living in a real-life version of the movie “Groundhog Day””

cs presents The Sexual Contract posted at Cold SnapDragon.

Simpsonsparadox presents Of Other Days posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Greg Laden presents Our Conversations Are Like a Cold Fruit Salad on a Dusty, Hot, Summer Day posted at Quiche Moraine.

Dana presents Late night visitors, or The attack of the coyotes posted at Roscommon Acres.

Benjamin Solah presents Anti-Capitalist Themes in Fiction: Cliché or Over Scrutinized? posted at Benjamin Solah: Writer and Revolutionary.

Arian Adams presents My Dog, My Hero posted at The Dumbass Chronicles, saying, “This is the story of my mischievous upbringing as told through the eyes of my dog.”

Rodney Sutton presents How Has That Escape Plan Worked For You So Far? posted at Happy Hog Speaks!.

Pamela Jorrick presents Following Their Own Path posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Zhu presents A Bizarre Story posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “The news was everywhere in Canada. Of course, the gruesome nature of the murder is shocking but what may be even more disturbing is the randomness of the attack. The two guys didn’t know each other. There must have been a trigger but I doubt we will ever know.”


JennH presents Opportunity posted at Mixed

Terry Haferkamp presents The Key posted at Shadow Dwellers, saying, “They are mischief-makers and thieves. You will seldom see them, if ever. They cannot take the Key from you physically. Nor can they harm you.””

MaxwellDB presents Lake Ontario posted at MaxwellDB, saying, “Lake Ontario is a short science fiction story. It’s an objectively-written piece about a man alone on Titan, one of Saturn’s moon. He is a cog in an automated research machine– something that causes him great difficulty.”

Hannah presents [Fiction] Friday Challenge posted at Writings of a Palindrome.

Leah Raeder presents “Disinherited” posted at Words Fail Me, saying, “A short piece of fiction composed for Writer Anything’s “Fiction Friday” event.”


This concludes the February 2010 edition of the Creative Carnival. THANK YOU for submitting your links! If you would like to see your work showcased in the March 2010 edition, please submit your links here. (Please, one link per blog. If you submit more than one link per blog, I will only use the first link submitted.)

If you submitted your link and don’t see it here, that probably means I received it after the deadline.

Thanks for visiting the carnival participants and don’t forget to check back March 13th for the next Creative Carnival.

(This has been cross-posted at Write From Karen)

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  1. February 18, 2010 8:15 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to include my submission! There are tons of great stories here 🙂

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