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Don’t Look Directly at the Sun

July 13, 2010

Yesterday, Jodi gave us all permission to not write. But I wonder if we’re ever truly not writing.

Obviously, in order to get any writing done, one must eventually write. But at least for me, writing often involves long stretches of not writing while ideas, words, sentences, punctuation, characters, plots and settings rattle around in my head. This certainly isn’t writing, but it’s a critical component to writing. It’s a fact I’ve tried in vain to explain to non-writers on several occasions—usually while they’re asking me why I’m not writing.

But I’ve always had trouble attacking a problem story head on. Instead, just like were always told regarding solar eclipses, I’ve always had my best breakthroughs by not looking directly at the problem.

I’ve got a problem story I’m working on right now. And attacking it head on just isn’t working. So yesterday I took Jodi’s advice and gave myself permission to not write. And last night, while talking to someone about everything except my story, the light bulb went on.

Dale’s would like to thank Jodi for giving him permission to not write, when she knows good and well that I should be.
  1. July 13, 2010 7:04 am

    That happens to me as well. I have to do the most mundane task in order to get past a problem. I was rolling a ball of yarn once and huzzah!! My creative brain started having these little explosions. It was joyous.

  2. July 13, 2010 6:20 pm

    I get this when I get together with other creative friends. One of my friends is an artist and we talk lots about paintings and creative processes. I find after these chats I’m often red hot ready to get back to my WIP that just the day before had me cringing. Sometimes you just need to get out of intensity of sitting and staring at the computar scene!

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