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The Lull Moments

August 26, 2010

For me, every year starts out fairly similar. I take on whatever writing challenge with full steam. I remain consistent for weeks and months until I hit that stone wall. Something happens and all that motivation just drains out of me.

The general advice is to push through. The writing may not be perfect, but you can always change it later. This is good advice. However, I’ve always had problems with putting it in to practice. My mind is pushing for the “go”. However, I still suffer from the “I can do it tomorrow” syndrome. Often feels like having the weight of hopelessness hanging on you except there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

We have a handful of excellent writers who all dish out great advice to you, the readers. Sometimes it’s the implementing  in to your everyday routine that becomes the hard part. As of now, it’s been weeks since I wrote any new material or edited the old. I don’t see this as a problem persisting much longer with Nano rapidly approaching. What do you do to pass the lull moments?

Andrea is steadily trying to push through this temporary roadblock. Hopefully will be back in the submission process soon.

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