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A Little Random Creativity

August 31, 2010

This past weekend, while browsing the local mega-book-store, I made my way to the games section. I’ve always liked looking through the cheapy board games and card games. Over the years I’ve found quite a few bargains in the games section of the bookstore.

This time, buried among the card games I found a small dice game.

The “game” is nothing more than nine six-sided dice. However, rather than pips or numbers, each side has an icon. Story Cubes is described as a party game, although I can’t imagine it being a hit at any party I’ve ever been to. The object is to pick some or all of the dice, roll them, and then make up a story that includes all the resulting pictures.

Some of the icons are very specific—a flashlight, a sheep, a pyramid—while others are more general—a speech bubble, a question mark.

Story Cubes will be no panacea for Writer’s Block, nor I think, will it be a gripping party game, but for only $8 US, it’s certainly an original, and portable, addition to your writer’s toolbox.


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