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The Frenzy Begins Tomorrow

September 30, 2010

The relaunch of Write Anything was initially scheduled for Oct. 4th which means today would have been my final day as a weekly writer here. Since it has been pushed back, you get me for a few more weeks. With me sticking around a little while longer, how could I not talk about National Novel Writing Month’s official sign up opening tomorrow.

For those of us who’ve does this crazy thing once or twice, it’s not so much sign-up day as it is “get back in to Nano mode” day. All the plotting and exchanging of ideas begins. Pretty new graphics to plaster all over your website. It’s like returning to summer camp.

I’m always nervous when Nano becomes right around the corner. After three years, the challenge still appears a bit intimidating to me, but  I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it was easy, I wouldn’t bore myself with it. I’m just happy to have an idea to build off of this year and a new plan of attack.

What is your fondest NaNoWriMo memory? Are you looking forward to this year’s challenge?

Andrea can’t wait until the countdown to Nano begins.

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