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Busy day!

October 10, 2010

Anthology launch!
The tenth of October 2010. 10/10/10. An auspicious day.

By the time you read this post, then the anthologies I have been helping to edit (The Yin Book, The Yang Book and The Yin & Yang Book) will be ready to buy!

The anthologies are available to download as an eBook only (for now), and available exclusively for one week from the Chinese Whisperings website (and thereafter from Amazon and Smashwords). You can select .epub, .mobi or .pdf formats.

Visit the Yin & Yang Book Bookshop.

Also by the time you read this, then I’ll be on my way to the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London. Today is World Mental Health Day, and I am running on behalf of Mind.
If anyone wants to sponsor me, then please visit my sponsorship page.

The future!
As the 10th rolls around, and I no longer have a hectic schedule of anthology editing and associated stresses, I find the prospect that I may have some free time on my hands.

To do that thing that this whole site is about: writing. Others have been talking about NaNoWriMo this week, and so I’m throwing my hat in the ring, and taking part this year.

And speaking of this site…

… but perhaps that’s something for next week!

The past few months have been a blur. A stressful, headache inducing, frantic, fraught, and ultimately wonderful blur.

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