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Favourite posts: When both your page and mind are blank

December 5, 2010

For the month of December, Write Anything is hosting a retrospective of the posts that have appeared over the past four five years. We hope you enjoy revisiting these posts, as we take stock of where we have come from, and look forward to where we will be heading in the future!

This post first appeared on 13 April 2006.

People say a good writing ritual or routine encourages your mind to release the words that are trapped in your subconscious. Write at the same time at the same location each day is highly recommended by most writers. So, I try to do this, but the words just won’t type themselves upon the keyboard every once in a while. During times like these, the longer I stare at the screen, the more I can’t form sentences, especially clever ones.

Instead of forcing myself to write gibberish, I turn to my favorite writers who inspire me. Today, since I am plum out of inspiration for this post, I will turn to my latest faved writers. Who cares if they are only blog writers? I like to think that the blogosphere contains writing on the verge–unedited freshness flowing across the screen for my enjoyment. Two blog writers whose talent is extraordinary are Stephanie Klein and Christina Rosalie. Stephanie’s style is creative self-reflection, while Christina’s prose borders on poetry. I love that their writing captures the essence of a moment in addition to telling a story.

After I read writers such as these lovely ladies, the urge to create my own written art overwhelms me. The urge isn’t the desire to write like them, but their words trigger verbal synapses in my brain. I don’t understand the biology linking inspiration to creation, but I like the results. I am able to write.

So which writers inspire you? I’m sure all of us would enjoy having more inspiration for our next blank page day.


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