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Transitions Ahead

January 16, 2011

Over then next few months, Write Anything will be changing. It will start with some of the regular contributors phasing into different roles, going through to the way our site looks. We have an incredible team of eager contributors waiting to share their journey and thoughts on writing. We are all pretty excited by the new opportunities this new look site will offer you.

During the next few weeks, Write Anything will be hosting Guest Posts from a cross section of the writing community. We will be welcoming poets, editors, proofreaders and writers at varying stages of their journey in their chosen profession.  Some of these folk will stay on as our regular contributors, some will pop over every so often with an article.

On Thursday, I posted an article on the reasons a writer would benefit from being a guest writer. You might like to review that and consider submitting an essay or article.

Please DO take the time to comment on our guest writers posts and make them feel welcome.

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Annie Evett looks forward to reading your submission of articles or essays on your journey as an artist, specific skills or hints and tips which will assist others..Follow Annie here on Twitter and catch her growing amount of websites and blogs here

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