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Guests in the House.

January 30, 2011

Regular readers of Write Anything will have noticed a few changes already. In November we said goodbye to our weekly columnists and in December we revisited some of our favourite posts from the last four years this site has been operating. January welcomed guest writers. (Thanks both to our guests and to the readers who have placed positive and encouraging comments under the posts every day.)

February sees Write Anything integrate a new prompt – Spoken Sunday, as well as to continue our guest writers spots.

Windamere - A Fairytale Cottage by the Sea

Whats Spoken Sunday all about?

Pieces can be flash fiction or poetry and it’s encouraged that those that post [Fiction] Friday  using the #FictionFriday or #FridayFlash meme also do a reading of their pieces for #SpokenSunday.  This is such a great tool for writers in order to improve their craft and to attract a wider audience to their work.  Not only does it allow them to share their work in another format, but it acts as another conduit between the writer and the fans.  Hearing someone read their work, using the nuisances and focus where they intended, makes for a much deeper experience for all involved.

[Fiction] Friday has seen the birth of a number of popular serials by our emerging writers, and, hand in hand with Spoken Sunday; some of them have been recorded. This offers writers a wider audience allowing their work to be accessible and enjoyed at a higher standard.

Call out for Guest Writers

Earlier this year I wrote about the benefits of being a Guest Writer. I’d encourage you to think about your strategies of marketing yourself as a journeyperson in the writing industry and ask if submitting an article here might be one of the options you would consider.

As Write Anything shifts into its next phase and our new editors and writers wriggle their way in, move their coffee mugs around the tables and fight over who gets the desk at the window, we will continue to welcome guest writers.

Our guidelines, at present, look for articles which are:

  • 500 – 1000 words.
  • An article on writing, or the journey of writing, or a how to ( a specific skill in writing or editing or proofreading or submitting to competitions etc) Something that would help a writer along on their journey.
  • We would welcome a review of a newly released book or on a book which  is aimed at assisting writers and editors in their craft.
  • We’d love an interview you may completed with an author as well!

At the moment, submit your article as text in the body of an email, ensuring that it has been proofread.  (In the near future we will set up a more professional way to submit.)  Your submission will be looked at and a reply sent to you within 3 working days. Please note – this is a temporary measure and call out only.

Should your article fit with the general feel of Write Anything or be seen as an area our audience would be interested, you will be contacted for a copyright free graphic ( should you wish it to be included to support your article), a 50 word bio about your work and links for the bottom area of the post along with a publicity photo ( if you want that included in the post)

Writers can be assured that they will be fully attributed (at the start of the article as well as at the end) for their work and that they retain full copyright of their article.

Although there is no monetary payment for articles published on the site, it offers guest writers opportunities to network and be introduced to a wider or more diverse audience than perhaps they currently enjoy.

Once our regular writers and editors have made themselves cosy, our guidelines and submission process will alter – so if you are on the fence and thinking about submitting something – do it now!

Image by linda yvonne via Flickr

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Annie Evett asks you not to be shy.. submit something – you will be surprised at how much you actually know once you start writing it down ..Follow Annie here on Twitter and catch her growing amount of websites and blogs here
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  1. Denisse permalink
    January 30, 2011 5:23 am

    Does the writer’s age matter?

  2. January 30, 2011 6:42 am

    I would say broadly ( with regards to so many things) that it doesn’t matter what age a writer is – it is the work that they submit, and the work ethic they display.
    5 or 105 – if the article of piece is of a good standard with fresh insights which would appeal to this audience… then yes – submit!

  3. January 30, 2011 2:40 pm

    Thank you for this! I look forward to some great articles with wonderful advice.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

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