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Write Anything – Our Vision

February 4, 2011

Write Anything began five years ago. Before the Global Economic Crisis caused an unprecedented upheaval in the publishing world. A time when having a blog was a novelty for the amateur writer, rather than a necessity. Before Facebook Groups. Before Twitter. Before the Kindle. Before the iPad. Before affordable and high-quality Print on Demand. When the gatekeepers to success were remote publishing houses, and it was impossible to imagine anyone buying a self-published e-book, let alone an author making a living that way.

Times change, and so do we. We know our own history; it is time to look to the future.

In 2010 ownership of Write Anything passed to eMergent Publishing, an indie publishing house created by two of the regular Write Anything columnists, Paul Anderson and Jodi Cleghorn, who originally met here as readers of Write Stuff and contributors to [Fiction] Friday.

2011 will be an exciting year for eMergent. In addition to closer collaboration with a wide range of exciting new writers, we have forged a number of strategic and creative partnerships, opening new opportunities unimagined this time last year.

How does Write Anything fit into this?

When we created eMergent, it was not simply to publish fiction. Key to our vision was to discover talented writers, encourage new voices, and to support others in developing their craft. Write Anything is an integral part of that outreach.


We are a community. Write Anything is a home for writers, from those just starting out to old hands. It is a place to exchange ideas, find new points of view, discuss innovations in the industry, and to practice and enhance our skills, to forge writing partnerships and find kindred spirits.

We are global. The columnists and readership span the world from East to West and North to South. For now we are primarily focused on the English-language markets. The majority of our columnists and readers come from countries were English is the primary language. Many of our readers however come from countries where English is not the primary language. We hope to reflect this diversity in our columnists as we progress.

We are cross-genre. Write Anything began with romance, SF and horror writers. To that we can add steampunk, urban fantasy, historical fiction, journalism, chick-lit, literary fiction, dystopian fantasy, comics and graphic novels—and the list is growing. All genres are welcome, and if we don’t cover your genre then we want to hear from you, because chances are we’ll ask you to write about it!

We are inclusive. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, colour, creed, politics, or any of the myriad of excuses people turn to in order to discriminate. We respect the uniqueness of others and ask you respect that also. We will not tolerate any abuse of any member of this community. We encourage discussion and debate. We accept disagreement. But this site is about writing, and that is judged on talent alone, not prejudice.

We are egalitarian. This is closely related to inclusion. Whether you are beginning your first short story, or your tenth novel, we are all equal in front of the blank page. We all start in the same place, we all have the same aim. We respect experience, but we are not slavish devotees of “tradition”. Just because something has always been done one way, does not mean it cannot be done, and done better, another way. If you have a fresh perspective, a new idea, then we want to hear what you have to say. And if Stephen King wants to add something, then he’ll wait his turn like everyone else!

This is the community we aim to build. We want to provide you with articles and opinions of interest. We want to engage with you in the comments section. We want to kick-start your creativity with [Fiction] Friday and #SpokenSunday. We want to introduce you to like-minded writers, people who will not just be a follower on Twitter, but people you can rely on to provide you with feedback and support as you work towards your goals. And we want to help you develop your skills through workshops, competitions and opportunities to write for us.

This is where we are going. Are you coming with us?

  1. February 6, 2011 12:40 am

    And my comments show up without being moderated! Yes!

  2. February 6, 2011 4:47 am

    Thanks to all for your enthusiasm, we’re really glad that this has struck a chord with so many and that we’re moving things in a direction that people want to go!

    Ben, I’ve hopefully sorted out the moderation issue, a lot of our writers and readers were getting caught up with it, it seems to be something to do with Gmail addresses, hopefully it’s not an issue now!

  3. Zoraida permalink
    February 6, 2011 10:59 am

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait. Wonderful post!

  4. February 8, 2011 10:51 am

    It’s been great to have been a small part of this in the past and looking forward to seeing us all go on from strength to strength.

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