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A New Direction

February 10, 2011

After reading the posts from my fellow editors, I’m left with the distinct impression that I’ve spent my writing career doing things bass-ackwards.

Growing up, I never dreamed of writing, nor did I scribble stories into a notebook–I read. I went directly from kids’ readers to novels, skipping over the comic book phase and the books aimed at kids. I read Journey to the Center of the Earth at five years of age, and spent the next ten years spending my allowance on books. And while I always excelled at writing, it wasn’t until college that I realized that I liked it.

I discovered blogging because of a technical curiosity, long before I realized that I could use it to write and meet other writers. And I really sort of stumbled into writing a weekly post here on Write Anything–something I’ve been doing since it began almost five years ago.

And now, again through chance, I find myself amongst a group of writing friends who, during the last two years, have pushed me to write more and work to get published.

But after five years of weekly columns, I’ve found that I have trouble finding new things to say. So, like Paul, I have taken the opportunity to step behind the scenes. Instead of writing a weekly column, I will be helping other authors lend their creative voices to one of the web’s best creative writing blogs. And again, like Paul, I’m sure I’ll speak up from time to time, when I feel like I have something to say.

I’m looking forward to the future of Write Anything, not only for the new challenges it will offer me, but also for the chance to hear from a multitude of voices. Imagine how much I’ll learn.

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  1. February 21, 2011 4:50 pm

    I’m not sure if the US has the same sort of thing as in Britain, but “Father of the House” is the term given to the member of Parliament with the longest unbroken service, and I think you must be Father of the House for Write Anything!

    You’ve seen the site through all its incarnations, from Write Stuff, to Write Anything, to now – hopefully this has been a progressive move ever onwards to better things!

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