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Saturate your life with Creativity

March 12, 2011

Or – “Write every day and just see what happens”.

By  Monica Egan

One of the popular maxims floating around these days is “Find Your Passion”. While advocates of the “life is all about hard work” philosophy might knock this adage, I still can’t go past its simple wisdom and truth.

How can you be good at something (even if you work hard at it) without first enjoying and feeling passion for it?

If life has taught me anything, it is that positive outcomes come about via the positive thoughts and feelings that precede them and passion is one of the most positive feelings there is.

There’s probably some law of physics (about positive and negative energies) that I could relate this learnt lesson to, but I’m not that passionate about science and physics, so I’ll leave that thought alone!


What I am passionate about though is writing. About making improvements and learning how to relate to readers more personally. About discovering how to connect with other people through writing.

Perhaps I am a shy communicator (although anyone who knows me may actually be shaking their head at that claim!), because I find writing an invaluable vehicle for getting my thoughts out, for stimulating my imagination and for exploring ideas that would otherwise stay unexamined and ignored.

In short, I love it.


Even though, before starting my blog, I had already written two books, one unpublished (because it’s still sitting in the bottom of my filing cabinet!) and another published as an e-book, blog writing itself has taught me so much more about writing. Mostly in terms of:

  1. Speeding up the writing process;
  2. Realizing and believing in a reader who ‘sits right next to me’ (perhaps across a coffee table or adjacent on the bar stool!)–someone who is close, rather than distant, someone who is a real, living, breathing, thinking person rather than a hard-to-believe-in character in my own writing story.

Both these lessons have helped me improve.


If I look back along the continuum that has been my writing life so far, it would probably look a bit like the diagram, below.

Yes, a little unsure about the direction it should take but making some definite improvements from time to time!


Lately though, in terms of personal satisfaction from my writing and thanks to some wonderful advice and teaching from other bloggers, including the fabulous Tristan from The Blogging Bookshelf, I would say that the process of writing is now far easier for me.

I now write like I talk and try not to agonize for days over an idea I want to publish on my blog.

In contrast to how I used to write (thinking about things forever/waiting till every word was perfect before finishing and being way too analytic and self-critical about every phrase/adjective/metaphor I used!) I now find (most times) that my writing will just flow if I let it.

In short and to reiterate my point at the beginning of this post, if I truly follow my passion, the process of writing is simpler. And by following my passion, I mean both reading and learning about writing and actually writing every day.

To be even more succinct–saturating my life with creativity.


To close, I will share with you a line from one of Marcus Sheridan’s latest posts. He had posed the question “how can you learn to love writing?”

The Answer: Find your passion. See yourself as a teacher. And start putting your thoughts down on that computer screen of yours.

I have taken that advice to heart and have now submitted my first guest post! Thanks for the opportunity to truly follow my own passion.

Monica’s passion for writing began in childhood following the publication of her first creative essay by a city newspaper. She is now an avid blogger, part-time kid wrangler and author of the e-book Reframe Weight Loss, published at

Monica’s blog was recently featured on’s ‘best of’ homepage, where posts are selected from over 300,000 WordPress articles.

Apart from raising her two kids, Monica’s full time focus is writing, which she does regularly at . You can also find her on twitter at

  1. March 12, 2011 2:59 am

    I’m so glad you’ve gotten more comfortable with writing and blogging – you have such a positive voice and that’s exactly what our world needs right now. Congrats on a fantastic post! Going in my “save” folder. 🙂

  2. March 12, 2011 12:38 pm

    Terrific post on letting things flow without over-thinking them. About being a shy communicator- it is interesting that many writers say they write better than they can converse. I’ve heard this several times from different writers from whom I wouldn’t have expected it. I wonder why that is? Do we over-think what we want to say? Or is it self-consciousness? Anyway, I too enjoy blogging.

    Congrats on your eBook!

  3. March 13, 2011 6:45 pm

    Hi Cayla,
    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, being positive and writing with a positive voice is what I aim to do, so I’m glad to hear that the post made you feel that way!
    It’s strange that my post has gone up here at this time – as I have just spent this last weekend at an amazing seminar called “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” which was run by an equally amazing woman called Rachael Bermingham (the No 1 top selling author here in Australia at present!) .
    The seminar was incredible and many, many new opportunities have now come my way!!
    So in short, this post now means so much more to me personally, as following my passion is now leading me into a wonderful new place!!
    Thanks for your comment Cayla and all the very best with your own writing and dreams!


  4. March 13, 2011 6:56 pm

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your comment and I am sorry for my late reply, but if you read the above reply to Cayla you’ll see what I’ve been busy with!
    Re being a shy communicator – well, I gotta say I think I got over that issue somewhat on my weekend seminar, as I was so excited to be there and to have the opportunity to talk to some very successful and inspirational authors, that I got up and spoke, nerves and all, and was glad I did! I guess my excitement stopped me from the overthinking what I wanted to say, so yes, I think you’re write to say that we all do overthink too much!!

    Thanks too Linda, for your congrats on my ebook. After my experiences this past weekend, it’s now going into print!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

    Best Wishes For Your Writing Dreams and Goals!!


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