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Post Scriptum – April 2011

April 30, 2011

I told you April would be busy… and May looks to be just as jam-packed. More on that tomorrow.

Now that they’ve introduced themselves, a very warm welcome to our new writers Sarah Cruikshank, David Robinson, Emma Venables and Emma Newman from all the team here at Write Anything. Now that you’ve introduced yourselves and found out where we keep the stationery and the coffee, we look forward to what you’ve got to say.

At the end of last month I mentioned I was stuck for a name for the editorial, and I had some brilliant suggestions in the comments. As tempted as I was by the simplicity of Rob’s suggestion, I think Cate spotted that I’m an insufferable and pretentious bore a sucker for a bit of Latin, so all will be revealed tomorrow…

We writers have odd lives. We work in a profession that demands solitary confinement yet incredible networking and social skills. We have to juggle our own finances, most of us have to work in other jobs to support our writing, and we all hope to be lucky enough to surround ourselves with family, friends and loved ones who understand that sometimes staring out of the window is still working!

Whatever kind of writing life you have, hopefully this month you’ll have seen you are not alone, and even picked up a few tips on how to live it.

Remember, there’s always a community of like-minded writers here at Write Anything if anyone needs some moral support. We’ve all been there, currently are there, or will be there in the future. We’re writers, and we’re all in it together.

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