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We’re moving!

June 13, 2011

If you have ever moved home before, you’ll know that sudden nagging doubt that you’ve forgotten to do something. Is everything packed up? Have you remembered to tell the utility companies? Set up a forwarding address?


With just over half a month to go, I’ve suddenly realised that I haven’t set up a forwarding address for all you fine people!

From 1 July Write Anything can be found at our new home – If you visit the site now you can see that we have got all the posts from the relaunch of Write Anything published there.

The site has a new look (something of a work in progress) with some funky widgets. One major difference is that the site will use UK time, rather than Central Time, so posts will appear at midnight UK time, about six hours earlier than now (so if you want a sneak peek at a post, follow the new site!).

As our URL has changed, so has our RSS feed. The new feed for posts is

Finally, our Twitter account will be coming to an end. For those who follow @wawriters, please start following @eMergentPublish.

I’ll sticky this information from tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will survive the move and we won’t leave any of you behind!

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  1. June 14, 2011 12:46 am

    weeeeeee!! new rooms to explore.. brnd new kitchen to set up.. arguments on who gets the biggest bedroom….
    *runs off to check it all out now*

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