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About Our Writers

Questions? You can contact us at writeanything [at] emergent-publishing [dot] com


Paul AndersonPaul Anderson
Managing Editor
Paul writes down the strange thoughts that populate his mind. Which means a lot of what he writes is strange, disturbing, violent, or all three at once. He considers a story a success if it scares both his wife and his mum.

Paul lives in west London with his wife, his dodgy typewriter, and a chubby little leopard gecko called Jabba. His online home is Once Upon a Time in the West of London, or for something a little more frequently updated find him on Twitter @panderson1979.

Jodi Cleghorn
Deputy Editor
The long suffering mystress of the voices in her head, Jodi’s stories of ‘dark weird shit’ and are published in anthologies in Australia, Canada, the UK and USA. She is the creator of Literary Mix Tapes, Director of Creative Assets at eMergent Publishing, Managing Editor of Chinese Whisperings and Australian Administrator of 100 Stories for Queensland. Her online base is Writing in Black and White and tweets as @jodicleghorn.

Annie EvettAnnie Evett
Editor, [Fiction] Friday & #SpokenSunday
Annie is a prolific scribbler of characters and weaver of story lines. She infuses her eclectic writing with life experience drawn on years teaching, traversing the corporate landscape and motherhood. Annie is the creative energy behind the cutting-edge collaborative writing project CYOA.

Start your escapade into her worlds at

Dale Challener RoeDale Challener Roe
Site Editor
By day Dale is a mundane-mannered IT drone living in Raleigh, North Carolina. But by night—and lunch break—he dons his pen and notebook and roams the piedmont in an attempt to locate and tame an increasingly recalcitrant muse. His exploits have been chronicled as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and humor. Flouting recent convention, he maintains only a single web-based headquarters—Rough Draft—where concerned citizens can find samples of his fiction along with ramblings about his daily life.


Tiel Aisha AnsariTiel Aisha Ansari
Tiel Aisha Ansari is a Sufi and martial artist in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has appeared in print and online, has been featured on KBOO, Prairie Home Companion and MiPoRadio and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Knocking from Inside is available from Ecstatic Exchange and at

Jim BronyaurJim Bronyaur
Jim Bronyaur lives in Pennsylvania and sits at a desk in a corner writing lots of horror. He has been published over forty times, all of which could be found at his site

Those who dare to speak with him can on Twitter @jimbronyaur.

Zoraida CabreraZoraida Cabrera
Zoraida Cabrera writes fiction under the genres of mainstream, slipstream and speculative fiction. She is an undergrad in Boston University, but spends her vacations in the tropical island of Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised. She has created several blogs during her lifetime, but her most recent is Zora’s Writing.

Christopher ChartrandChristopher Chartrand
Christopher is drawn to the western genre but has been known to throw his cowboys into fights with robots, vampires, and the ambiguities of purgatory. He’s even kicked one or two out an airlock. Chris lives in Addison Maine with his high school sweetheart, three daughters, four horses, two goats, one lazy dog and sometimes a cat. You can read some of his fiction by visiting

Jason CogginsJason Coggins
The child Jason was weaned on Stan Lee’s teat and his best friends were a collection of funny shaped dice. Before he got all sensible and became an ICU nurse Jason’s comic strips were published in the UK small press in such places as Inkling magazine. For a time he was deputy editor and chief writer for the short lived comic anthology The Book of Manifestations. Now, his nursing has taken him to NZ and Australia. When not looking after sick people he writes speculative fiction and world builds. He has contributed to eMergent Publishing’s Red Book, Yin/Yang and Nothing but Flowers Anthologies. He publishes assorted weekly serials at #Tuesdayserial. Moult World is the fruition of a lifetime devoted to geek.

Sarah CruikshankSarah Cruikshank
Sarah Cruickshank is a Virtual Personal Assistant and writer based in Lancaster, UK. After seven years writing features for various print and online publications, Sarah is now stretching her fiction muscles by writing a novel about monks, short stories and radio plays. When she’s not doing that, she’s Scouting!

Rob DiazRob Diaz
Rob Diaz spends his days writing computer software and his nights chauffeuring his children around his hometown of Hamilton, New Jersey. An avid organic gardener, trumpet player and coffee drinker, Rob writes fiction in which coffee, the number thirteen and the natural environment play pivotal roles. You can find more from Rob at Thirteenth Dimension.

Paul LawrencePaul Lawrence
Paul Lawrence lives in Sydney, Australia and writes about crime fiction set in 17th century England. He was born in England, and spent quite a few years in London, before emigrating to the land of sun and plenty with his wife and four kids. Being a generous kind of a bloke Paul lists many of his source texts here, has created a beautiful website, and regularly updates a terrific blog.

Jacqui MurrayJacqui Murray
If you’re looking for Jacqui, check Ask a Tech Teacher where she answers geeky questions for anyone who wanders through or try WordDreams, incubator for her next great thriller where men have firm manly handshakes, women are heroes, and the plot blazes like a forest fire on steroids. Not there? Try Write Anything with her newest friends. Pop in. Ask questions. Chat or lurk. Just close the door when you leave.

Jacqui MurrayEmma Newman
Emma (@emapocalyptic) has proven that book deals are indeed like buses. Her debut short story anthology, From Dark Places, is out now and her debut novel, 20 Years Later is being published in July 2011. Best consumed in text form, you can find her at Post-Apocalyptic Publishing. Please bring tea.

Tony NolandTony Noland
Tony Noland is a writer, blogger and poet in Philadelphia, on the East Coast of the United States. He takes his writing seriously, but has somehow gotten a reputation as a funny guy. Most of his work is science fiction, literary fiction and magical realism. Tony is active on Twitter as @TonyNoland, and you can find his fiction at his writing blog Landless.

Dan PowellDan Powell
Dan writes fiction of all shapes and sizes. His short fiction has appeared in loads of places and last year his story ‘Half-mown Lawn’ won the Yeovil Literary Prize, which was nice. You can download it on the Ether Books iPhone/iPod app.

He blogs at

David RobinsonDavid Robinson
David Robinson is a freelance writer, novelist and blogger with a cynical, subversive, politically incorrect sense of humour. He writes mainly psychohorror/thrillers and compounds that sin by turning out the occasional sledgehammer humour.

He lives in Manchester (UK) with his wife and a crazy Jack Russell named Joe.

Icy SedgwickIcy Sedgwick
Blown far from her Northern homeland, Icy now lives and works in old London town. She’s only 27 but she remembers the days when she wrote stories in crayon. She likes writing about everything from steampunk automatons to telepathic parrots, though her pet project is a supernatural YA novel.

Paul ServiniPaul Servini
An English teacher currently living with his family in France, language has always been a major preoccupation for Paul. Writing is just an extension of this. He never ceases to be amazed at the way his characters take on life as the words fall into place.

Benjamin SolahBenjamin Solah
Benjamin Solah describes himself as a ‘Marxist horror writer’ and aside from writing fiction, he performs spoken word poetry around Melbourne where he is also an active socialist.

His blog, Blood and Barricades, discusses writing, literature, publishing, politics and culture.

Rus VanWesterveltRus VanWestervelt
Rus VanWestervelt received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College and now writes and teaches memoir, personal essay, and reportage in and around the mid-Atlantic region. He believes in the absolute necessity to leave a trace, document our lives authentically, and let the world know with our words that we existed.

Emma VenablesEmma Venables
Emma Venables has recently finished an MA in Creative Writing and is now on a PHD/ dream job hunt.  She’s happiest when she’s stringing words together into people and places and problems. She mostly writes short fiction and likes the fact that she can give women condemned to the dregs of history a voice through her writing.

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