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Spoken Sunday

Spoken Sunday is a weekly  meme initiated by Benjamin Solah and carried along by the team of Write Anything. It sees participants post a recording (usually on AudioBoo) of a creative piece each week and share the link on Twitter using the #SpokenSunday hashtag.

Pieces can be flash fiction or poetry and it’s encouraged that those that post [Fiction] Friday  using the #FictionFriday or #FridayFlash meme also do a reading of their pieces for #SpokenSunday.

This is such a great tool for writers in order to improve their craft and to attract a wider audience to their work.  Not only does it allow them to share their work in another format, but it acts as another conduit between the writer and the fans.  Hearing someone read their work, using the nuisances and focus where they intended, makes for a much deeper experience for all involved.

We are delighted to find some serials being recorded – so make sure you tell your networks about the great talent we have there.

How To Play:

1. After you have submitted to [Fiction] Friday – or written a passage of around 600 words, record it.

2.  On your blog, or audioboo site, post an explanation of your piece (if its a passage from a larger work) or ask readers for specific feedback about it – as well as a link to your recording.

3. On Sunday morning, a post will appear to collect this weeks links.

3. Use the link generator to submit your link.

4. Visit other’s posts and recordings.

5. Leave constructive and encouraging comments.

6. Use Twitter (with our hashtag of #spokensunday) or Facebook etc to tell your network about the stories posted up.

7. Come back again next week!

  1. February 15, 2011 7:25 pm

    I just heard about this group from Jacqui Murray and stopped by to say hello and send you best wishes for your community effort! I read a few articles posted and enjoyed them. Will stop in again to read more.

  2. Blackbirdsong permalink
    February 19, 2011 5:12 pm

    Oops, after reading this, I see I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ll be fixing that for next week’s contribution.

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